The Huis Maerua project is one of those projects that touches the deep corners of the heart. As we arrived at camp 15+ children aged 2 years old to 17 years old immediately started assisting us with offloading […]
Yes, the title stems from the lyrics of Appel’s song and was repeatedly played during the 2023 Hunting Boogie in July. One could say it is the new hymn of this fellowship project. At 14:00 on a mild […]
Walvis Bay 36 has brought in Hoezit Samelewing to the coast for 4 shows. 2 shows for the kids, 1 show for ladies and 1 dance for everyone.   Francois Boyce visited a few schools on Tuesday 25 […]
Without a doubt the annual Winter Knights is the biggest project undertaken by Round Table Namibia Area and it is also run and driven by the entire Association of Round Table Southern Africa. Whilst we promote and perform […]
There is an annual rally event in May spanning over several days known as the Rough and Tough Rally which is open to the public to raise funds for the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN). This year Daniel […]
It all started at the Namibian Area induction dinners when Leigh had the bright idea to invade the outgoing chairmen’s speeches with a selfie. In 2018, at ARTSA, the tradition took on a new level when the outgoing […]
I was selected to represent the Association of Round Tables in Southern Africa (ARTSA) as a delegate from Namibia to attend the Round Table Zambia Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2023 held in Lusaka, Zambia. Being a new tabler, […]
The Annual Knobel League has started with a bang. To date, we’ve had 20 participants already.   As the entries stand, we have an income of N$205. The Julies though, we have an income of N$210. This brings […]
Walvis Bay 36 donated blood on the 21st of February. Joppie, Mono, Martin and I met at NAMBTS. We all just wanted a beer, but we ended up paying with “blood, sweat and tears” (The tears came from […]
Since joining Roundtable as a guest, turning in to a pipeliner and being inducted as a member it has been evident that this is an organization which works unlike any other I have ever been a part of. […]