Beginner’s Guide on How to play Knobel. 


Objective: Knobel is a dice game where you aim to avoid getting low scores and penalty tokens (Deckels). The best outcome is getting “Aus” or “General” (three ones).


  1. You need a dice cup and three dice per player.
  2. Use 17 Deckels for 2-4 players or 21 Deckels for 4+ players.
  3. Also, have 2 Legs/Bones/Been.


  1. The player rolling the highest number starts the round.
  2. They set the tone by rolling three dice.
  3. The starter can roll up to three times.

How to Play:

  1. Play clockwise after the starter.
  2. You can’t adjust dice except for sixes (6).
  3. You can turn two or more sixes into ones during any roll.
  4. If you have 2 sixes and a one, keep the one, turn a six into a one, and roll the last six.
  5. Starting player may keep two or three sixes and turn them into ones after others roll.
  6. If you have 2+ sixes after three rolls, turn them into ones and roll again.
  7. Declare your roll immediately.
  8. Choose to keep any combination.
  9. If a dice falls out during a throw but lands on the table, it counts.
  10. The first player with a specific combination has the advantage.
  11. Wait for your turn to roll.
  12. Keep your dice visible.
  13. Dropping items on the floor or letting others grab twos in a “Julie” results in a penalty.
  14. In rare cases, the second-lowest combination wins if there’s a “Julie” and “Triple” without a “Max.”

Dice Combinations and Deckels:

  • Julie (two twos and one) is the worst, earning many deckels/tokens.
  • Aus/General (three ones) is the best, giving away 1 Leg/Bone/Been.
  • Max 6 (one one six) – 6 deckels
  • Max 5 (one one five) – 5 deckels
  • Max 4 (one one four) – 4 deckels
  • Max 3 – 3 deckels
  • Max 2 – 2 deckels
  • Triple – 3 deckels
  • Street – 2 deckels
  • Bare numbers – 1 deckel


Knobel is a fun dice game where you avoid low scores and try to get “Aus” or “General.” Enjoy, but be careful with dice and penalties!

Different Combinations:

different dice knobel combinations

Knobel Beginner’s Guide compiled by IT Guru Solutions and Round Table Walvis Bay 36