Hochland 154 was inaugurated in 1969. In the following year on Saturday the 10th of October 1970 at the Thuringer Hotel Hochland Round Table 154 was Chartered.

Currently Hochland member Bruce Salt holds the Area Tabler of the year as well as ARTSA Tabler of the year. With the great work of Stefan du Raan as previous Hochland IRO/PRO we’re the current holder the ARTSA Inkundla trophy. Hochland is also the current holder of the ARTSA project of the year for our Medic RUSH project.

Hochland Round Table 154 has always had a strong presence within RTSA and the Namibian Area. The Table has had numerous of its member’s also serving RTSA council, with the most notable being Mr. Udo Kannegiesser who was RTSA President.

Also currently Hochland is the Namibian Area project of the year Trophy holder for Medic Rush 2014 and 2017.

Hochland Round Table as with all other Tables has gone through changes over the years with growing member numbers to shrinking member number. The Table also came up with new projects and initiatives some have run its course and some have been handed over to the community. Through this Hochland has also established a strong identity within the community who supports us and those we support.

Hochland Round Table 154 has had a strong history and a strong future. Part of this is also the celebration of Hochland Round Table 154 new emblem(Fish eagle) as voted in at the February 2015 AGM.


Below hereto please see the names of the past and current Chairman for Hochland:

Jan van Gend 1968

Martin Fairon 1969

Bains van Eyssen 1970

Richard Ford 1971

Derek Swart 1972

Mike Dyke 1973

Mikey Hall 1974

Robbie Gamsu 1975

Walter Bottger 1976

Charles Sellick 1977

Peter Dahl 1978

Hardy Bohm 1979

Hugh Mortimer 1980

Andre Kriegler 1981

Allan Walkden-Davis 1982

John Horne 1983

Udo Kannegiesser 1984

Bob Mould 1985

Alan Hattle 1986

Adrian Cashman 1987

John Horne 1988

Andre Genis 1989

Danie van Niekerk 1990

Andre Genis 1990

Deon Pretorius 1991

S Zapparoli 1992

Andre Genis 1992

Richard Pfohl 1993

Rory Wolhuter 1994

Dieter Lehnerdt 1995

Andy Martin 1996

Russell Collins 1997

Charl van Wyngaarden 1998

Sean Fallis 1999

Russell Paschke 2000

Stephen Leicher 2001

Eghard Visser 2002

Sean Fallis 2003

Neil Salt 2004

Shaun Finch 2005

Tinus Hansen 2006

Mike Bottger 2007

Steven Paschke 2008

Derek MacKinnon 2009

Jens Unterlerchner 2010

Amit Mohan 2011

Jason Sivertsen 2012

Tega Shiimi-ya-Shiimi 2013

Vaja Zatjirua 2014

Gerhard van Eeden 2015

Bruce Salt 2016

Basson van Rooyen 2017

Gerhard van Eeden 2018

Stefan du Raan 2019

Eduard Gous 2020

Eduard Gous 2021

Iain Wait 2022

Matthew Vudjizena 2023

Current – Stefan du Raan