Official Namibia Knobel Rules / Generals Rules:


Welcome to the Official Namibia Knobel Rules. There are variations of this game played in different locations all over Namibia.  This game was brought over to Namibia by Germans. Namibians have played countless games of Knobel and this game has become part of our culture. Other names for this game include: Knobeln, Jule, Mörkeln, Maxen, Meiern, Schocken.


Setting Up:

This game requires a dice cup and three dice per player, 17 Deckels/Tokens (2-4 players) or 21 Deckels/Tokens (4+ players), and 2 Legs/Bones/Been.



  • Each player rolls 1 die, the highest number starts the round. Should there be a draw, the highest numbers throw again.
  • The starting player sets the tone for the round. The starter rolls all 3 dice and then decides what to do from there. The starter can roll up to 3 times. If the starter only rolls twice then every other player only gets a maximum of 2 rolls. If the starter only rolls once, then ever other player only gets 1 roll.


Aim of the Game:

The aim is not to have the lowest dice combination and to avoid deckels and legs. The player will aim to get an Aus/General (3 ones).


How to Play:

  • The game will commence in a clockwise rotation.
  • A player is not allowed to turn any other dice, except sixes (6).
  • A player has the choice to turn 2 or more sixes after every throw. Example: turn 2 sixes into 1 one and throw the rest again. You may turn 3 sixes into 2 ones and throw again.
  • If a player has 2 sixes and a one, the player is allowed to keep out the one, turn 1 six into a one, and then throw the last six.
  • The starting player may stand on 2/3 sixes, he/she will have the chance to turn the six/sixes after all players have rolled.
  • If a player has 2 or more sixes after their 3rd throw, they may turn the sixes and throw again. The dice must be revealed immediately after throwing.
  • A player may stand on any combination he/she wishes.
  • If a player throws a cocked dice, in a cocked angle or on top of each other, or if the dice fall off the table, the player must do a re-throw. If a dice falls out of a cup during any throw and lands on the table, this will not be seen as cocked dice and counts for that throw. If it was the player’s last throw, the dice that has fallen out has to stay on the table and other dice remain under the cup until it is the players turn to open the cup.
  • In the case of 2 or more players have the same combination, the player who has thrown first has the advantage. Except for a General/Aus, this will be played out in either “Generals, Highest Dots or Closest to a called number” format.
  • A player may not play out of his/her turn and must wait until the player beforehand has finished with his/her throws.
  • A player may not hide their dice from the rest of the players.
  • Do not drop any Knobel items on the floor. That will be punishable with a warm gin shot.
  • Should the player throw a Julie, do not let any other players grab the 2 twos. This will be punishable with a warm gin shot.
  • In the highly unlikely event, after everyone has completed their turns, that there is a Julie and a Triple on the table with no Max’s present, the player with the second lowest combination will receive 8 deckels. 


Please see diagram below for dice combinations:

  • Julie (two two one) is lowest combination, and Aus/General (one one one) is the highest combination.
  • Lowest combination will receive the number of deckels/tokens corresponding with the highest combination.
  • Aus/General – 1 Leg/Bone/Been
  • Max 6 (one one six) – 6 deckels
  • Max 5 (one one five) – 5 deckels
  • Max 4 (one one four) – 4 deckels
  • Max 3 – 3 deckels
  • Max 2 – 2 deckels
  • Triple – 3 deckels
  • Street – 2 deckels
  • Bare numbers – 1 deckel

knobel rules


Validated rules for any Knobel League or Knobel Competition. Some even call this the Namibia Knobel World Cup Rules. 


Should all this be confusing, CLICK HERE for the beginner’s guide on how to play Knobel


The Official Namibia Knobel Rules – Contributed by Leigh Westerdale of Round Table Walvis Bay 36