I was selected to represent the Association of Round Tables in Southern Africa (ARTSA) as a delegate from Namibia to attend the Round Table Zambia Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2023 held in Lusaka, Zambia. Being a new tabler, I was excited to have this opportunity to experience this side of tabling.


Upon my arrival in Zambia, I was warmly welcomed at the airport by Mr. Chipinda Kakompe, the National President of Round Table Zambia 2021/22 and current National IRO/IPP 2022/23. It was a Wednesday evening, 5th of April 2023, and coincidentally, that’s when the Round Table Zambia #15 meets. I was directly driven to the clubhouse from the airport, where I met many other fellow tablers, and we shared drinks, experiences, and stories.


The following day, I had the opportunity to explore the city of Lusaka and learn more about their culture and ways. It was fascinating to see how the Zambian people live their daily lives, their customs, and traditions, and how different they were from what I was used to. It was an eye-opening experience as I got to see first-hand the beauty of the city and the vibrancy of its people.


The AGM took place on Friday, 7th of April 2023, the meeting was concise and an eye opener. All the tables in Zambia from Area 1 and Area 2 were present and well represented by their chairman and vicechairs respectively and to conclude the AGM, the new council was voted in for the year 2023/2024. Afterwards we had dinner and welcoming celebration for them.


On Saturday afternoon, I got to meet many of the Zambia’s 41ers as I joined them right after their half year meeting that took place that morning and amongst them was Mr. Moffat Nyirenda. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Moffat Nyirenda, the former President of Round Table International (RTI) 2013/14. It was inspiring to learn that he was the only ever black President of RTI to date. As a young and black tabler, I found this quite inspirational, his story has shown me that with discipline,

consistency, and great heart for people, it is possible to serve in the highest level within our organization and I am now further motivated to continue serving and making a positive impact within my community and all over the world.


In the evening of the Saturday, we had the 2023 AGM Gala Dinner where I had the privilege of

exchanging banners, pins, coins, gifts, and all other pleasantries with fellow tablers from different parts of the world that were present at the event, such as: RT Estonia & RT Malawi. The gala dinner was lovely and well organized, I had a good time.


Overall, my trip to Lusaka, Zambia, was a one-of-a-kind experience. The Zambian people are one of the loveliest people you’d meet, with a unique, vibrant, and beautiful culture. I would advise anyone to take on this opportunity should it ever present itself. I look forward to the possibility of returning to Zambia in the future.

As the only delegate from ARTSA, I felt a tremendous responsibility to represent the organization well. I am confident that I did just that and brought back valuable insights and experiences that I will carry with me throughout my journey as a Round Tabler.



Kama Vinga

Hochland 154


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