The Annual Knobel League has started with a bang. To date, we’ve had 20 participants already.


As the entries stand, we have an income of N$205. The Julies though, we have an income of N$210. This brings a total of N$415 in so far for the finals day. After the 15th week we’ll be having a “Finals”. This will be an opportunity to have 1 last chance at the Westerdale Knobel Trophy for the year. This day will be a fully catered for social covered by the Knobel fund.


Monika is currently leading the log with 8 points after a controversial substitution. Melissa is a close 2nd at 7 points. With Leigh in 3rd place with 6 points.


I do believe this social is great for the bar income, so please, if you haven’t already, come and play so Knobel on Tuesdays.

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