Welwitschia213 did a Pre-Winter Knights distribution on the 25th of May 2018 at the Pioneers Senior Park. Mark and myself was accompanied by the Jason van Wyk, Welwitschia 213’s 41’er and current 41’er district commissioner, after we had purchased and loaded 400 blankets earlier with a value of
N$ 23000.00.
We waited for our 41’er and Vernon Pieterson a member of the Bike Club “Coded MCC” at the service station to arrive and left from there. Pioneers Park Senior Park is the home of 150 senior citizens ranging from 60 –97 years of age. When we arrived some of the senior citizens were outside the hall with some kids from the school. They had accompanied a school with a clean-up project cleaning around the block and had at that time just made it back. These senior citizens still made the effort to do their part in cleaning the block that they lived in this was hart warming to say the least.
The grounds keeper Mr. Ham had welcomed us and gave us a chance to explain what round table and the Winter Knight’s project is. It showed their character when having so little and still willing to share the soup and mince they were eating with us because we were their guests.
We were able to speak to some of them individually and their stories are heart wrenching with some of them having only 2 visits a year and some not even having that. This opened our eyes to what some senior citizens must go through when in an old age home. Mark Majiedt had after hearing of some complaints of taps and water leaks offered to fix all taps for the old age home.
Welwitschia 213 donated 150 blankest to the citizens in the senior home and we have received so much in the conversation we had


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