Welwitschia 213 hosted a Men’s Breakfast on the 3rd of March 2018.
This was aimed at promoting Round Table and Welwitschia 213 and at the same time allow for the men in the community to platform for discussion on the role of a man and who we as men can be.
Pastor Carven Izaks gave inspirational talk on the dangers that lurks for every man in your day to day life and concluded with the ALPHA male and what it would mean to an ALPHA Male. He had brought two friends with him of his Ministry and they relayed to us what they have gone through in their lives of which many could relate to. They had each given out a book to the audience The ALPHA MALE and the woman who get them, by G.F. Watkins.
The gentleman in the audience enjoyed hearty breakfast and this allowed for all to interact with one another. This also gave Welwitschia the time to answer questions of what round table is and what we do and there was surprisingly a lot of those questions.
The aroma of Nestle coffee and the interaction of the attendees outside and inside the hall attracted a few more men who sat in for a short while. Welwitschia 213 had a small draw where the 3 winners of the draw received 1 of 2 food hampers and a George Forman Grill.
This Clubhouse project was definitely not a big one but I feel was effective. Welwitschia213 managed to raise N$4750 for the clubhouse and believe me we received so much more out of the experience than just the low monetary value.
Special thanks to Ms. Rowaida Louw Key accounts Manager of Nestle Namibia who sponsored the use of 2 Nestle coffee machines, the Nestle assorted coffees and Nestle Coffee Mugs for the breakfast that each attendee could take home. Also to Catherine Oranjeof Catherine caterers who made the delicious breakfast and allowed for a Buffet breakfast with the small budget that we had. Thank you to Alta’s kitchen for sponsor of crockery and cutlery to be utilized at the breakfast.
Last but not least thank you to Fawzia Besser and Ilana Adams for all your effort on the day and for the project. It is so easy to have an Induction dinner the previous night and having 2 hours of sleep before tackling this breakfast project.
This was one of those projects that was worth more than what we could access in financial gain. Rene and Myself had our hands full with interaction and answering questions about round table that we didn’t even take a picture.
Written by :Amize Adams
Welwitschia 213
Chairman 2018-2019


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