This project is conducted annually and we have had the distinct pleasure to be hosted by Taleni Etosha Village for two nights and one night at Okutala Etosha Lodge over the Easter Weekend. For the first time in the project’s history of 14 years, we were able to treat the children of Huis Maerua for an extended weekend to the animal kingdom at the Etosha Pan. Rest assured it was a weekend to be remembered and everyone genuinely enjoyed this marvellous trip.
Whilst we try to teach and present a fun-filled weekend to the children, we as adults learn the most from the children of Huis Maerua. Never shall you meet a group of young people that are so unconditionally grateful, happy, well mannered and sincere. The greatest privilege is to be part of Round Table and assisting in this annual event. You return home with a full heart and are grateful for the adventure you were able to be a part of. Naturally, we can not do this without our sponsors and we are extremely grateful for the donations and sponsorships that were awarded towards this project. A project had a value of N$94,000 and includes donations in the form of cash and goods in kind. We could not have done it without you and sincerely appreciate your kindness and open hearts.
Thank you to Louis Blom and Erna von Dewitz for all the time and dedication you offer these magnificent children. We salute your calling and thank you for allowing us to have spent a few days with you.
Yours in Table
Johan Steenkamp and Mark Kissler


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