To develop fellowship among young men through their professional and business pursuits via Wally III, it was a delightful experience when Leigh and Joppi visited me at my workplace some time ago to witness where I labour for sustenance and to comprehend the true form of authentic chemistry lectures. It was a pleasant initiation into the culture of social trophies and in this case Wally III, sharing a non-alcoholic beverage with the gentlemen. I set a personal objective to retain Wally for at least one business gathering.


However, the moment had arrived for me to bid farewell. Parting ways wasn’t simple as I wished to keep Wally in our office kitchen a little longer. On Tuesday, the 14th of May, I summoned the courage to bid farewell to Wally. I accompanied Wally to Chris’s office in town where we indulged in appletiser and grapetiser instead of a warm cup of tea on a cold morning. It was a delightful fellowship, which gave me some insight into Chris’s professional duties. Now, I possess a glimpse into my fellow tabler’s daily grind. Such interactions should be regular, visiting each other’s workplaces even when Wally in not involved, simply engaging in conversations. Hopefully, Wally will visit my classroom once more, this time for physics, not chemistry.



Taonga Namate (Mr. T)


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