Man-o-man has 2020 been a year to remember, or maybe to forget?

We have been challenged this year as none of us has ever been challenged before but as always, Namibians pull together and we make things happen.


The 2020 edition of Winter Knights is the 16th year we have held the project and this year more than ever we are humbled by the Namibian Communities ability to lend a helping hand even when times are tough.


On the morning of the 26th of June 2020, our country once again came together on multiple street corners in Windhoek and we achieved tremendous results:

Congratulations to NAMMED who achieved the highest total collected for 2020, but it is with this th  at I would like to congratulate every supporter who contributed, every employee who braved the cold and donated their time and effort to make this another successful year.



Future Media Group sponsored a total of N$ 360,000.00 in media coverage split across all their media platforms including Radio Wave, Omulunga Radio, Fresh FM and Nova 103.5

This gave us great exposure and ensured the word got out for the people to start donating and support the project.

We were able to collect in excess of N$ 112,000.00 in cash at the corners.

We received in excess of N$ 40,000.00 in donations from companies who were unable to attend the physical corner collections, of which SANTAM pledged N$ 30,000.00 and Alexander

Forbes pledged N$ 11,000.00

We received in excess of N$ 20,000.00 through PayToday donations so far and the lines are still open for more until Friday 4th of July 2020.

We have received in excess of N$ 95,000.00 from corners sold for the year.


We still have to tally the donations received from PEP as this is also closing on Friday 4th of July


So far the project has generated in excess of N$ 267,000.00 in spendable funds that we can utilise to acquire much needed supplies of blankets and food for the vulnerable communities, and this is not even the end of it. Our Coastal tables could unfortunately not have their physical corner collections this year due to the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak experienced in their region. This does not mean however they sat on their laurels and gave up. The team at the coast has shown great initiative in promoting other channels for collections and together with their community are still generating the much needed funds for the project. Their initiatives are running until end of the week, so urge anyone you can to still donate via PayToday on the PayToday App or the PayToday Winter Knights Shop, DMS by SMS’ing “Winter” to 5005, by visiting any Indongo Toyata Branch or any PEP store and donating blankets.


Together we have shown what Namibians are capable of in difficult times and each of us can be very proud of what we have achieved.


I thank you for your contributions and will send out the final report once all initiatives have been tallied and handed over.


Let’s make 2021 an even bigger year.


Yours in Table,

Eduard Gous

Project Convenor 2020 



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