As #ARTSA2020 comes to a close, we as #RoundTableWindhoek34 officially lose three strong pillars from our Table today with great sadness, but with also great pride. We could’ve never been more proud and honored to have met and served our community with these gentlemen. They are truly cut from the cloth from which legends are made of. These gents have made a great #impactfullchange not just in our community but have left memorable legacies behind for those who follow. You have played an integral part in the lives of your fellow tablers, friends and community and for that we salute you as you leave us today and join the 41’ers. We met as strangers and became not only friends but family forever. We will miss your contributions to our Table, Area and our Association.
Christoff Nieuwoudt, thank you for always playing devil’s advocate and making sure that Table debates the important issues and for making sire our compasses show true north always.
Frikkie Engels, Thank you for your hard work and fantastic projects that you have run and convened on Table level and Area level. You are the maestro when it comes to getting sponsors! Thank you for always showing us how easy it is to help those around you and with such compassion.
Philip Barnard, your kind is difficult to replace, because of the amount of passion and love with which you have served our association. Thank you for all your input into Table, Area and the Association by not only being an Area Chairman, but also a past #!//NARTSA2015 convener. Fishing Boogies have become the stuff urban legends are made of…well done!

All three of you have served and done us proud as Table Chairman for one of the most prestigious Tables #RoundTableWindhoek34 in our Association! You have truly live our motto of adapt, adopt, improve 


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