Attending the AMI AGM for the first time was a truly remarkable experience that exceeded all expectations. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Livingstone, Zambia, the 2024 AMI AGM unfolded with grandeur and grace, hosted at The David Livingstone Safari Lodge & Spa, a venue befitting the occasion’s significance.

My journey to Livingstone commenced on Thursday, April 18th, filled with anticipation and excitement for the upcoming AGM events. Having recently participated in the RTZ AGM, I was already immersed in the spirit of tabling, eagerly awaiting the diverse discussions and engagements that lay ahead.

Friday, April 19th marked Nations Night, an evening filled with cultural richness and camaraderie. It’s always a delightful experience to partake in this event, where we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the diverse cultural offerings of other associations. Sharing stories, flavors, and traditions from different clubs and countries allows us to gain insight into the unique experiences and preferences of fellow tablers.

As dawn broke on Saturday, April 20th, the AGM commenced punctually, drawing together representatives from an array of associations across the AMI region. Amongst the esteemed attendees were delegates from Round Table Madagascar, Round Table Seychelles, Round Table Zimbabwe, Round Table Botswana, Round Table Southern Africa, and others, each bringing their unique perspectives and contributions to the table.

Throughout the AGM, discussions flowed smoothly, with issues addressed comprehensively and updates from various associations delivered meticulously. As the agenda approached its conclusion, anticipation rose as Round Table Zimbabwe unveiled their plans for hosting the 2025 AMI AGM, offering a glimpse into the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

However, the pinnacle of excitement came with the bid to host the 2026 AMI AGM, a spirited contest between Round Table Botswana and Round Table Madagascar. Amidst fervent presentations and impassioned pleas, Round Table Madagascar emerged victorious, promising an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

With the formalities of the AGM concluded, attendees embarked on a journey of exploration and relaxation, beginning with a serene boat cruise along the Zambezi River aboard “The Lady Livingstone.” Against the backdrop of the radiant Livingstone sunset, participants reveled in the unparalleled beauty of nature, forging lasting memories amidst laughter and camaraderie.

The day culminated in a spectacular Gala Dinner held at The David Livingstone Safari Lodge & Spa, a celebration of friendship, tradition, and unity. Amidst the ambient glow of candlelight and the melodious strains of music, attendees indulged in a sumptuous three-course meal, punctuated by captivating performances and cultural displays from the host country.

As Sunday, April 21st dawned, it was time to bid farewell to the enchanting city of Livingstone, but not before gathering one last time for a heartfelt brunch. Amidst heartfelt farewells and final exchanges of regalia, attendees reflected on the profound impact of the weekend’s experiences, each departing enriched and inspired by the spirit of tabling.

In closing, I extend my sincerest gratitude to the AMI team and Round Table Zambia for their unwavering dedication and exceptional hospitality throughout the AGM. May the bonds forged, and memories created serve as a beacon of inspiration as we continue our collective journey of service and camaraderie.

Yours in Table,
Kama Vinga
Namibia Area IRO


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