Off to Okamatapati, Coblenz and Otjituo, where we had our Medic Rush 2019. Part of the medic rush project is where we go back a few months later to drop off whatever is needed by the community/schools. Eve though it was delayed this year due to Covid19, we are now on our way to drop off 200 Chairs and 150 tables (50 are double sized) for 3 schools and blankets for the community through our annual winter knights project.


Drop off #1 : First lot of Chairs, Tables, Cutlery and Blankets for the Okamatapati Combined School.

Drop off #2 : Donating Furniture for classroom, cutlery and blankets for the Otjituuo Primary School, through our annual Medic Rush and Winter Knights projects.

DropOff #3: Coblenz School.



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