Inspirational story Justin thank you for sharing it… What a legend…proud to be part of an Organization that has help to shape the life of a friend for the better…
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My name is Justin Webster and I am a Supply Chain Optimisation Consultant for a multi-national company. I have lived a life where I have grown from a one-time orphan to a past Area Chairman within Round Table Southern Africa and I have a unique perspective about Round Table to give you today.

At the age of seven I was taken into St Mary’s Children’s Home with my brother and sister where we spent approximately four years in the care of St Mary’s. One day, during our stay at St Mary’s we were all bussed into a Toy Run, where as a young beneficiary of something as simple as a toy, I experienced benevolence from someone that I have never met before and that has stuck with me my whole life.

When I was in mid-twenties I heard of another Toy Run project close to my home at that stage and after getting my siblings together, we pooled our money and purchased as much toys as we could afford to donate at that Toy Run. Having handed in our toys on the day and suddenly remembering the benevolence that my younger self experienced years ago I approached and introduced myself to a young man, wearing a Round Table shirt, by the name of Vallance Kennelly, now a mentor of mine and a man that changed my life dramatically from that day forward. He immediately introduced me to some more amazing young men from Round Table Rivonia 230 working behind the scenes at the Toy Tun, who in the days and months afterwards went out of their way to involve me in Round Table meetings and who ultimately inducted me into the brotherhood that is Round Table.

When I was first inducted as a member, some 13 years ago, I was a very timid person that never would’ve dreamt about getting up at any work meeting (sometimes with hundreds of people) to debate, articulate and present a point but through the mentorship of both soft and life skill training that I received through my membership at Round Table I have been formed into the man I am today! Round Table has given me a life experience platform like no other to learn decorum, compassion, self-worth and ultimately earning respect through leadership, that I never would’ve been exposed to otherwise in my career.

If you are a current member of Round Table… be proud of yourself… as you are part of a network of 33 000 young men across the globe who firmly believe that 0,0000001% of the world’s population can and must serve the communities that they call home!

If you are a prospective member I urge you to make contact today and find out more about Round Table and start investing in yourself and investing in your community, in this the greatest young men’s organisation in the world!

Yours in Table

Justin Webster

Round Table Rivonia 230 Chairman 2016/17 & 2020/21

Round Table Gauteng Area Chairman 2018/19


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