“Aren’t these just amazing?! If you’re confused, these are reusable sanitary pads! Sewn with patience and love by one of my favorite people Diane Milner Tawse (and team) and all from donated/recycled materials. 
These are part of a women’s empowerment project we started last year as part of the Hochland 154 Round Table Medic Rush which takes much needed medical supplies and personnel to remote areas of Namibia.

If you don’t already know the stats, then you’ve been living under a rock. Our girls are dropping out of school or using whatever (and I mean whatever) they can find leaving themselves vulnerable to infection and at higher risk of contracting HIV through internal abrasions. Not to mention the environmental effects and financial strain of buying disposable products has.

These beauts will be handed out to young girls in the Otjozondjupa Region (but wait, there’s more!) I’ll also be training some volunteers on how to make these themselves! Hopefully giving them the skills to carry on and provide more of these pads to the community. ”



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