Welwitschia 213 hosted their annual Potjiekos Competition on the 19th of May 2018 for all clubs in the Namibian Area. This competition creates a platform for all 5 clubs to socialize with each other without the hassles of a project taking time away from the fellowship.
This year only Windhoek 34 could make the competition and Welwitschia 213 as the host.
With only the two entries Whk34 and Wel213 the rules was a bit relaxed but the competitiveness was still strong. Frikkie had his club at the venue on time and the fires were started with the help of Ian who was their quite early. The fires were lit from 8h00 the interaction between tablers was well underway.
Cathy and Loubser had started early with their prep for their pot to create some time for them to still watch their eldest at a rugby camp on the other side of town.
Mark and Rene had also started with their respective pots prep and with Welwitschia 213 making an Avfalpot, springbok pot and our 41’er Jason van Wyk an oxtail pot. Kavi of Windhoek 34 had his hands full with his elaborate explanation of how his Chicken pot should be classified as an Afvalpot. He’s argument: “the chicken will be so tender it fall of the bone hence AfvalPotjie” I’ll leave it to you to judge that explanation. Nevertheless he was busy with Ian ensuring they have enough wood chopped for the fire and walking around as the sheriff with his sniff gun making sure no one has a blocked nose.
Welwitschia213’s other 41’er salso arrived fashionably late and joined the party. The tablers also showed of their singing capabilities when they joined in unison to wish Amize a happy Birthday for the day and yes they all made it through the whole birthday song…With great company and Super-rugby (aired out of the back of Rene’s Bakkie) a couple of refreshment and the kids enjoying the open area it was well underway to be an epic social.
Johan Steenkamp Area Chairman made an appearance had a few beverages and wished the birthday boy a happy Birthday (much appreciated Johan doing the drive out).Stefan Du Raan of Hochland 154 made his appearance just on time to hand the Trophy to 2018 Potjiekos winners Windhoek 34.
Thanks to all who attended and didn’t allow for the wind ( that was quite heavy ) to damper this great social. To the Welwitschia213 team thanks for your participation and our 41’ers willingness to always join in. This is what round table is about amongst others-the fellowship amongst all tablers across all tables.
So for now let your minds work (or your fingers on Google -We won’t judge) on the next recipes that might win the trophy.


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