Its four o’clock in the morning. Temperatures outside are close to zero and you are tugged under your warm blankets clothed in snug nighties. You turn around and doze off knowing that your family is protected against the cold this winter, even your dogs have nice and warm blankets to keep them warm. While you travel back to dreamland, the Round Table Winter Knights get up to face the cold. Why do I hear you ask? Well, over 60% of the Namibian population do not have the basic necessities to protect them against the cold Namibian winter.

Your dogs are better equipped against the cold than most of these people.

Feeling guilty yet? I am glad, as this is where the Round Table Winter Knights come to your rescue! We will assist you in easing your conscience……

On Friday morning, 3 June 2016, the Round Table Winter Knights, together with brave volunteers of various institutions came together at 40 street corners in Windhoek, Walvis Bay and Swakopmund, to collect donations from passing by motorists in the form of cash, clothes, blankets and tinned food. Because the Winter Knights were all over, we had one brave gentleman who gave all that he had on the route he travelled. So when his cash were all donated, he started donating the clothes he was wearing. Needles to say, he left his last stop in only his underwear!

The collected cash was counted and banked. The donated clothes, tinned food and blankets were sorted with the help of volunteers of Rotorax Club Namibia. For days after the initial project we were still contacted by sponsors, individuals and institutions from all over the country, which made donations into the bank account or sent more blankets and clothes to us. All cash collected will be utilised to buy the very much needed blankets and to distribute it to over 60 different communities over Namibia.

Windhoek Walvis Swakop Unknown
NAD      5000.00 NAD    30000.00 NAD  21469.60 NAD  36519.40
NAD    10000.00 NAD      2600.00 NAD    9000.00
NAD    10000.00 NAD    55206.55
NAD      5000.00 NAD    37000.00
NAD      2000.00 NAD    15000.00
NAD         500.00
NAD      3518.95
NAD      4776.50
NAD    10000.00
NAD    12390.50
NAD      4000.00
NAD    90000.00
NAD      5000.00
NAD      1000.00
NAD         500.00
NAD    12552.00
NAD  249494.10
NAD  425 732.05 NAD  139 806.55 NAD  30 469.60 NAD  36 519.40
Total income for 2016 project:     NAD  632 527.60



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