Mrs Antoinette Tjirare, is a domestic worker, who lives in the informal settlement of Havana, in a tin shack with her 3 children .Girls,Selm (8)& Vezembouua(11), baby boy, Trevo( 11months). Her father, aged 81yrs, passed away on the 8th May. On the 9th May, while she was up the road at her sister’s house, she was called to say her home is burning down. Her 2 girls were in the shack.
Luckily when she got there her girls were safe, but her home was totally destroyed. Everything she owns was burned to the ground.
She contacted me to let me know that her Dad had passed and her home was gone. I went to the site on the 10th of May, and with the help of OJ Construction we had the site cleared and started building a new house with building materials, tools, gennie and labour that they donated.
Hochland 154 donated N$ 7291 from their building fund and N$ 2709 from there Admin Fund, a total of N$ 10 000 towards the rebuild of her house.
We received wonderful donations from our community in the form of clothing for her and her children, toys, beds and bed bases, bedding, blankets, crockery and cutlery.
On Saturday, 13th May, her house was completed. 3 days after she lost everything, Antoinette can now start to rebuild her HOME.
Thank you OJ Construction, for your generous contribution of over N$ 19 500 in used building, labour and transport, as well as to Michael van der Merwe and Hochland 154 , N$ 10 000 for helping this family get back on their feet and putting a roof over their head. The total value in money and donations toward Antoinette’s house is N$ 36 593.
Bruce Salt
Honorary Member


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